Cadillac Lyriq

  There is little left to the era of electric cars. Now, every brand has started to produce electric cars, regardless of segment. American premium vehicle manufacturer Cadillac took this job and introduced the new Cadillac Lyriq model. Here are the details… Let's start with the direct technical data to get to know the 2023 Cadillac Lyriq model, which is produced as an SUV. This vehicle has an electric unit that offers 340 hp and 440 nm of torque. Offering a total range of 483 kilometers, Cadillac Lyriq also has successful technical data on charging. With Lyriq, a 10-minute charge at high charging stations with a capacity of 190 kW provides a range of 122 kilometers. In addition, for those who want to charge the Lyriq from home, Cadillac company can offer a range of 84 kilometers per hour with a 19.2 kW charging kit. In short, this vehicle, which can be called the leader in its class in terms of charging, has features that will stand out despite its serious rivals in the US